Opinion on liquid breathing demonstration with Dachshund Nicholas

Opinion on liquid breathing demonstration with Dachshund Nicholas

I am proud that, despite a 25-year break in funding, in 2014 I was able to initiate studies of liquid respiration In the Fund for Advanced Research of the Russian Federation. To train the staff of the Foundation And the Institute of Toxicology of the FMBA of Russia and to pass on to the younger generation the breakthrough technology of liquid breathing and the results of my research and development.

I believe that despite strong resistance, I managed to include Sevastopol in this work and contribute to the creation of a laboratory of experimental life support systems for biological objects on the basis of Sevastopol state University.

Nevertheless, as the author and developer and having more than 30 years of experience in liquid breathing, I will allow myself to scold the performers of the experiment with the participation of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, President of Serbia Alexander Vucic and Dachshund Nicholas.

1. Scientific development has not been shown. Without control sensors, the assessment of the animal’s condition is subjective. We need information before, during and after the experiments.
2. The transition to liquid respiration and the satisfactory condition of the animal is not shown in the process of liquid respiration proper. Comfort for the animal is a prerequisite for liquid breathing, without this it is forced filling and emptying the lungs. Example, comfortable for animal liquid breathing I showed still in 88 year, when dog Cosmo breathed liquid more hours and after this even more 10 years lived in 40 research Institute and gave progeny. https://www.youtube.com/watchv=UiR2EKZkslA&feature=youtu.be
3. In handling the dog to raise the level of professionalism. Not the President of Serbia and Rogozin, but this little Dachshund.
4. It’s time to work out those capsules that will go under the water, to simulate the rescue of submariners, otherwise the taste of experience for the sake of experience will remain, and we must prepare for the rescue of people.
5. And so same build qualitative vivarium for dogs and observe animals in it after experiences, in environment veterinarians and medical appliances, camping on E. applies to animals responsibly.

With respect,
Andrey Filippenko
The author and developer of the technology
and Liquid Breathing apparatus

Andrei Filippenko

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